Berg Liquor Control Systems

HCS partners with Berg Company to offer our customers state-of-the-art liquor control systems. Berg provides a complete line of solutions for liquor, beer, wine, and other beverages that control portions, track inventory, and help enforce cash accountability. With greater visibility into operations and staff performance, you can keep a tighter control on costs and improve profits. In addition, the inventory management capabilities of the Berg systems helps streamline the ordering and reporting process.

Berg solutions are perfectly suited for use in single bars and nightclubs as well as multi-unit businesses, whether independent or operated as a part of restaurants, casinos, hotels, stadiums, sports centers, riverboats, theme parks, or festivals.

Solutions Backed by Decades of Innovation and Technical Expertise

For more than 40 years, Berg has been a leader in innovation. Berg was the first to invent and bring to market many respected beverage management solutions used in the industry today.  Most solutions are certified to NSF/ANSI and CE standards.

As a Berg partner, HCS provides support and service to Berg Liquor Control Solutions with installation, training, maintenance, upgrades and expansions. We also have the backing of Berg’s expert technicians to resolve issues quickly and efficiently.

A Solution for Any Application

Berg has a solution to manage pouring for a variety of applications:

  • All-Bottle Liquor Control System: Tamper-proof pourers control portions from bottled liquor and track inventory while allowing the customer to see the product poured form the bottle.
  • Laser Liquor System: A reservoir system houses liquor bottles and the bartender uses a handheld dispenser to serve drinks, enabling secure storage, portion control, and inventory tracking.
  • TAP2 Draft Beer Control System: This system provides portion control, inventory management and cash accountability for beer served from kegs.
  • Infinity software: Infinity enables you to manage portion sizes and prices using insights from advanced reporting capabilities. It interfaces with many point of sale (POS) systems.
  • Beverage Manager software: This software enables managers to set up prices, portions and POS information for the All-Bottle line.

Berg Liquor Control Systems Brochure

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